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  • LifeWorks (Monthly)

    Every month
    Transform your Body & Mind with Pilates and Mindworks!
     7 day free trial
    • Unlimited access to all past videos
    • 2 new workouts each week
    • Access to my EXCLUSIVE Facebook group
  • LifeWorks (Yearly)

    Every year
    Join the Ongoing LifeWorks Community!
     14 day free trial
    • Unlimited access to all past videos
    • 2 new workouts each week
    • Daily Coaching in my EXCLUSIVE Facebook group
    • Daily nutritional advice
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What Makes LifeWorks membership Unique And Why Does It Work So Well?

Daily coaching in the Facebook group keeps you on track and I can serve you in a much more personal way, answering your questions and providing you with the best support and motivation. I can personalise things for you and make this fit into your lifestyle

100% of LifeWorks Members all said the DAILY LIVE coaching is what keeps them motivated, on track and excited about the results they are seeing.

Daily HOME workouts – Home weight training workouts plus a daily Pilates Strength workouts are the perfect way to get phenomenal mental and physical results without having to travel to a class or gym – save so much time doing it at home.

If you are a beginner, recovering from injury or haven’t exercised for a while and need to build up there are low-intensity workout options.

Daily nutritional advice explaining what to eat, how to eat, how to fit it into a busy lifestyle, have a social life and work it in with family life.

Life is hectic and often demanding. We all expect a bit of rough with the smooth but at one time or another we all get stuck in routines, habits and relationships that make the smooth seem less accessible. This is when life starts to feel harder than it should and is, unhelpfully, often the time when we feel most ill-equipped to help ourselves.


The good news is that you’re not alone, there are thousands of women who feel like you, and I’m here to help you break the cycle and enable you to achieve whatever is important to you at this time.


How can I help when you’ve got no time for yourself and no energy?


By taking it one step at a time. Believe me when I say, within four weeks you’ll have achieved at least one thing you thought impossible at the start of the programme, you’ll have bags more energy and feel good about yourself again.


A great deal of your mindset is linked to our body and the fuel we put into it. Life is full of obvious and hidden sugars and, over four weeks, my aim is to support you to reduce this sugar from your diet. Whatever your starting point, it is all about setting individual goals and working with me to achieve them.


Joining LifeWorks community will consist of two live workouts each week (which can be completed live or on catch up) and weekly focus points and goals from me. Your input is up to you, but the more you invest the more you will achieve. I will be available daily for advice and feedback and the group will work together on a private FB page.


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