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Back to Strength

LifeWorks: Back to Strength – a transformative 12-week program meticulously crafted to rejuvenate your mental and physical well-being.

 This holistic journey amalgamates the art of fortifying both mind and body, paving the way for profound self-awareness and enduring transformation. With a harmonious blend of targeted physical training and mindful mental conditioning, this program takes you on a voyage to rediscover your strength from within. Embrace the synergy of body-mind connection and embark on a path that leads to empowered, lasting change. Unveil a revitalized you through LifeWorks: Back to Strength.

What's included?


6 training sessions

6 coaching session

(Online or In-person)


Group (max 6) = £420 pp

Individual =  £740

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LifeWorks: Back to Strength

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